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At Oasis Recovery, we pride ourselves on being one of the top rated addiction treatment centers in the United States. Located in Asheville, NC our treatment center was founded by people in recovery, for people in recovery so we fully understand what it takes to help people achieve long-term sobriety! 

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Our approach to addiction treatment is different than most. While many addiction treatment centers take a one-size-fits-all approach, we understand that everybody has a different, unique story which led them to abusing alcohol or drugs. We offer individualized treatment for people suffering from this disease of addiction and provide high quality care and help for individuals suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. We give our clients the tools & skills necessary to live a life of sobriety, a life they truly deserve to live.

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Our Process


Make the Call

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The path to recovery and freedom from addiction can start with one phone call. If you’re unsure you’re ready for treatment or what program works for you, the very first call can help. Our admissions team will talk with you, listen to your story, and answer stressful questions you’ve been holding onto.


Detox & Withdrawal Management

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Our dedicated medical detox center helps clients who need withdrawal management transition into addiction treatment as safely and comfortably as possible. Onsite detox specialists provide 24/7 medical supervision, comfort medication, and compassionate in-person support during one of the most challenging recovery phases.


Choose A Treatment Program

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Clients have the option to choose between any one of our addiction treatment programs based on their individual needs, including partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, or one of our partnered residential programs. We also offer sober living facilities to clients at PHP with transportation to and from the center.


Form An Aftercare Plan

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Recovery doesn’t end when you leave our treatment center. At the beginning of the admission process, our intake specialists and your dedicated therapists will craft an aftercare plan to set you up for long-term success and recovery. That includes weekly individual sessions, group meetings, and alums events.

The Oasis Model

Learn more about our multi-faceted approach to addiction treatment and recovery

From intake to aftercare, our entire addiction treatment team is dedicated to guiding and helping clients through each recovery step. You’ll meet with a dedicated case manager to review and update your plan regularly so that your treatment feels manageable and focused.

Oasis Recovery Center reinforces that every individual and their addiction story is unique. Our intake specialists work with clients at the beginning of treatment to develop a personalized plan that helps them reach milestones and overcome obstacles based on their needs.

Founded by empathetic members of the recovery community, our treatment center united doctors, therapists, nutrition specialists, and educators at the top of their field to craft an addiction treatment program that helps people and supports our community’s needs.

Clients who graduate from the Oasis Recovery program are welcomed and have lifetime access to our active alum group. Volunteer events, workshops, support groups, and other alum gatherings allow clients to connect, support, and share experiences with others beyond their treatment journey

Oasis Recovery Center’s partnership with Health Care Alliance North America gives clients access to five other treatment centers across the US, offering various programs and treatment approaches. This makes it easier to match you with the program that works for you and helps you seamlessly transition from higher to lower levels of care.

We understand how trauma plays a part in addiction and substance abuse and offer treatment programs designed around tackling these specific issues. Our clinical team is certified, highly trained, and experienced in trauma-informed therapy and healing modalities.

Clients at Oasis Recovery Center have access to therapists, counselors, doctors, and addiction specialists who are ready and able to provide compassionate support. Our emphasis on comprehensive care also opens the door to nutritionists, adventure therapy guides, and other holistic healing instructors.

Our goals and resources extend past just our clients. We invite partners, parents, siblings, children, and other family members to take part in their loved one’s addiction treatment. In-person consultations and weekly virtual groups connect families so they can learn about addiction, support strategies, and coping skills.

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Our Facility

Situated in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina, The Center is where much of the Oasis magic happens. The Center is our therapeutic facility where clients receive individual therapy sessions, education sessions and partake in group activities such as group therapy, yoga, art therapy, acupuncture sessions, and more. Our goal is to provide effective treatment for substance abuse resulting in long-term sobriety while in a comfortable, friendly, and safe environment.


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