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About Us

Our holistic approach to addiction treatment focuses on the whole person, not just the addiction.

Our Story

Oasis Recovery Center was founded in 2018 by Jonathan Wood, who recognized the lack of individualism and compassion at other addiction treatment centers. He wanted to design a program that counters the isolation of addiction and the impersonality of traditional treatment and provides pure, unbiased human connection.

As our mission and experience increased, Oasis Recovery realized other areas of the country needed the same help, and we opened five more treatment centers across North Carolina, Tennessee, and Massachusetts, dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment for true healing and long-term recovery.

Front entrance of oasis recovery center

Our Philosophy

We understand that healing from addiction involves the mind, body, and spirit, and it takes time. Additionally, everyone’s response to different treatment methods is different. What works for one person in recovery might not translate or feel impactful for another. That’s why we offer diverse treatment methods and seek out specialists, educators, and clinicians who offer unique healing modalities. 

The foundation of our treatment approach, The Oasis Model, is designed to fully support clients in every step of their recovery path by meeting them where they are and growing with them. As a client’s needs grow, our services expand to help them. That includes using an integral model combining the most valuable perspectives from science, mindfulness, art, sociology/cultural anthropology, and therapeutic approaches that are practical and deliver the best results.